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CHECKredi’s Payment Processing Services for Large Businesses

Why should large businesses choose CHECKredi for secure check payment and credit card processing solutions? The answer is simple: when success in business is hinged on smooth operating procedures, efficiency, and exceptional customer care, no electronic payment processing provider can help large businesses fulfill these goals in check payment and credit card processing better than CHECKredi. Through an extensive list of capabilities and a long list of customizable services, CHECKredi is the one payment solution provider that can cover all the bases, from point-of-sale check and credit card transactions and processing equipment to Internet payment processing, check payments by phone, software integration, and options in remote deposit capture.


Check Processing Services

With thousands of transactions carried out each and every day, large business owners cannot be saddled by the burden of bad, bounced, NSF, and fraudulent check collection and recovery. What is needed is the assurance of reimbursement and CHECKredi can provide just this through our Traditional and Electronic Check Guarantee Service. Regardless of whether or not a check is collected, merchants will receive 100% face-value reimbursement on all guaranteed check payments. Additionally, CHECKredi’s online check verification service compares checks against a nationwide database of bad check writers to protect your business from instances of check fraud.  Furthermore, CHECkredi is a supplier of Automated Clearing House (ACH) check processing. Through our Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) service, collecting and depositing paper checks will become a thing of the past. At the point of sale, all MICR data is captured via check imaging, electronically converted, and processed through the Federal Reserve. Merchants can expect to receive deposits in as little as two days – just as fast as credit card transactions, but without the processing fees.


Secure the Best Credit Card Rates

Become a member of the CHECKredi Credit Card Club and secure the industry’s lowest transaction rates and fees for Visa®/MasterCard® – guaranteed. CHECKredi’s straightforward rates are so low, clients have been known to save a staggering 30-50% in monthly credit card transaction fees. And with the supply of reliable credit processing and point-of-sale (POS) equipment at cost, large businesses have even more reason to consider CHECKredi for credit card payment processing.


Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Time and Cost Expenditures with Remote Deposit Capture

Traditional forms of check collection require the careful gathering and deposit of paper-based payments. But with today’s advancements in electronic billing and secure, online payment gateways, large businesses can transform their payment platforms with CHECkredi’s options in remote deposit capture. Benefits include an increase in cash flow with quicker deposits, a reduction in paper check processing fees, and an increase in payment options. Read on to learn more:


  • Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC): Converts a paper check, received in the mail or at a payment location, into an electronic check
  • Back Office Check Conversion (BOC):  Allows large businesses to accept checks at the point-of-sale as normal, but enables electronic check conversions for deposits in the comfort of an office setting
  • Accepting Checks by Phone:  Electronically debits customer’s bank account for billing instantly
  • Accepting Checks Online: Makes accepting personal checks and payments online a cinch with an easy-to-use and secure customer web-based interface
  • Automated Recurring Billing: Replaces the traditional method of billing and collection by offering large businesses the ability to automatically debit customer accounts


Choose CHECKredi and have access to exceptional customer service and the industry’s best options in credit card, check, and remote deposit capture payment processing.


CHECKredi Check Verification Services
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There are many factors that foster success in large business. One such element is secure payment processing solutions. Without a proven check payment processing platform, large businesses are vulnerable to instances of check fraud and bad, returned, and bounced check recovery. Without a reliable credit card payment processing provider, large businesses could fall victim to high transaction fees and faulty POS equipment. Don’t risk it. Contact CHECKredi to secure your large business’s financial future with the best check processing services, credit card rates, and electronic payment processing solutions the industry has to offer.