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Easy Labels

Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

Free version available


This app offers subscription tiers


  • Prints barcode labels for products.
  • Automatically generates barcodes


The Easy Labels app enables you to print each product's UPC-A, EAN-13 or EAN-8 barcode, price, unit, and name on labels to help you manage your Clover inventory and make customer checkout fast and efficient. It can generate UPC code for your own product.

You can also adjust text font size and type as well as barcode size. +

The Easy Labels app requires Brother QL-710W/QL-720NW/QL-800/QL-810W/QL-820NWB printer.

Brother QL-800 printer doesn't work with Clover Flex or Mobile. Please turn off "Editor Lite" light on the QL-800/810w printer and reboot Clover device once after connected the printer to its USB port.

Supports the following label type/sizes:

  • DK-2214 (0.47" X 3.4" or 12 mm x 86 mm) for Jewelry label
  • DK-1221 (0.9" X 0.9" or 23 mm x 23 mm)
  • DK-1204 (0.66" x 2.1" or 17 mm x 54 mm)
  • DK-1209 (1.1" x 2.4" or 29 mm x 62 mm)
  • DK-1201 (1.1" x 3.5" or 29 mm x 90 mm)
  • DK-1208 (1.4" x 3.5" or 38 mm x 90 mm)
  • DK-1202 (2.4" x 3.9" or 62 mm x 100 mm)
  • DK-2113 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) Clear Film Tape
  • DK-2210 (1.1" or 29mm) Tape
  • DK-2205 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) Tape
  • DK-2211 (1.1" or 29mm) White Film Tape
  • DK-2212 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) White Film Tape
  • DK-4205 (2.4" x 100' or 62mm x 30.4m) Removable Tape
  • DK-2251 (2.4" x 100' or 62mm x 30.4m) Black/Red on White Tape

+ Requires Advanced Subscription.



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