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Available on: Flex (2nd Generation), Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, Station, and Web

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This app offers subscription tiers


When you need your customers to pay online, use ePayment to send a payment request (invoice) and set-up recurring payments.

Common Uses:
+ Enterprise Plan only! Set-up recurring payments to be paid on a regular basis (eg. memberships) and have the payments automatically processed every payment cycle
+ Phone orders to be paid online (eg. catering orders).
+ Pay for a deposit or co-pay related to a upcoming service.
+ Pay for a special order to be picked up at a later point.

How It Works:
+ Create an order with the Register app or manual transaction with the Sale app
+ Select "ePayment" and select customer email address and/or SMS phone number.
+ If a recurring payment is desired, set-up how often it should be paid with a saved payment card.
+ Receive your card payment online just like you do in-store, integrated into your Clover merchant account.
+ For merchants utilising Clover Go, there is an Android ePayment app available for free at the Google Play Store.
+ From your Clover web launch the ePayment dashboard and create/send invoices when you're away from your Clover device.


  • $0.49 excess payment fee only applies if you exceed the included payments for the plan you select.
  • Basic Plan includes 50 payments/month
  • Enterprise includes 500 payments/month. Required for recurring payments functionality.




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