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Ping Me If enables you to receive email or text * alerts when specific events happen in your store, including when:

  • A payment, refund, tips or discount exceeds a specified amount.
  • An item or an entire order is deleted.
  • A custom item is added to an order.
  • An online (or any other type) order is paid.
  • The quantity available for an item falls below a specified threshold. (Stock app required)
  • A item has expired or is expiring soon. (Stock app required)
  • Cash in the drawer exceeds a specified amount. (Cash Track app required)
  • Partial payment is made.
  • Cash removed from drawer.
  • Cash drawer opened without transaction.
  • An item is deleted from Inventory.
  • An order stays open too long.

The Ping Me If app is integrated with all of the information in your Clover system.

The Ping Me If app can only be accessed by users with an Admin-level Clover account.

* Requires Advanced Subscription.


Ping Me If

Ping Me If


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